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Monthly Archives: October 2013

Interior Shutters on Bay Windows

Got bay windows? Need a solution that works?
Try interior plantation shutters! They make great bay window shutters and add beauty and style to your home.
2 1/2 ” louver with hidden tilt and divider rails in the center to allow you to tilt the top and bottom separately.

Double hung panels give you the ability to open the top panels and keep the bottom panels closed. This is a great solution…

What decisions are there when ordering interior shutters?

There are so many options when ordering custom-made shutters. Find out what you need to know when ordering shutters.

1st Choice: Louver Size 
There are three main louver sizes being used today: 2 1/2″ , 3 1/2″ , and 4 1/2″
2 1/2 inch louver

3 1/2 inch louver

4 1/2  inch louver

The larger you go the more light you let illuminate the room and the more you can s…

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