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Kelley’s Island

Kelley’s Island

Jamie and I had a great day on Kelley’s Island installing interior Polywood® shutters in a beautiful waterfront home on North Point. One of our favorite customers whom we have built a lot of shutters for in the past asked us if we would come over to the island and we couldn’t pass that up!

The weather was perfect with a nice late spring breeze coming across the lake although the ferryboat was rocking in the big waves. I love Kelley’s Island; the laid back atmosphere, great views on the water, friendly people, and most of all the cold drink at the General Store after a long day of installing the best shutters made in the US.

A couple of the windows were a trapezoid-shape and turned out great! The whole house looked awesome when we were done! There is just something about Plantation Shutters that makes a home warm and inviting. I’ll tell you what, we didn’t want to leave.

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