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What is a Colonial Shutter?

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 The terms “colonial” or “traditional” refer to two unique and specific construction elements of a shutter. The first identifying mark of a colonial shutter is the louver size.



Sunburst Shutters, is proud to offer the artfully crafted 1 ¼” louver. Made from North American Basswood (other woods available).

Stain Louver Sizes #2


The other trademark of a colonial shutter is the stile width and thickness.

Dramatically different from the thicker construction of plantation shutters that feature a 2” – 2 ½” wide x 1 1/8” thick stile, traditional shutters are crafted to be only ¾” wide by ¾” thick allowing the panels to stack tightly against each other taking up very little wall space.






Taking you back to the front porches of Williamsburg, the design of our custom-made Colonial Shutters will give any room a warm and inviting feel. Custom options include; flush or dropped rails and different types of beading on the front of the stile. Color options include; clear coat, unfinished, painted, or stained let us create the perfect look and finish you desire.



The concept is simple, a plantation shutter allows you to get all of your light and view by simply tilting the large louvers and very rarely opening up the large panels. The idea behind a Colonial shutter is to get all of your light and view by being able to fold back thin intricate panels against the wall, exposing the entire window or opening.

We can build your shutters however you want and desire. Some of the classic designs are:
colonial single hang
Single Hung
colonials double hung
 Double Hung
colonial divider rail.
Divider Rail
                         colonial cafeCafe Panels
Traditionally this type of shutter is mounted by hinging the panels to a ¾’’ x ¾” piece of wood stained or painted to match called a hang-strip. Hang-strips can be mounted directly to the outside of the existing trim or drywall or the inside jamb of the window. Color options for hinges include bright brass, antique brass, and painted finishes.
Decorative L-frames are recommended to give a more finished look around the panels and help to hide the natural imperfections of out-of-square windows. Sunburst Shutters offers a wide selection of artisan-crafted framework that is milled to order. Frame options include standard beaded L-frames to custom moldings that match your existing trim.
beaded L-frame side2 in. camber deco frame side2 in. classic deco frame side3 in. ridge deco frame side
Colonial Shutters
There is a shutter for everyone. If you are in-between a Colonial and a Planation style, We offer a 1 7/8” louver with the rigid construction of a plantation shutter at 1 1/8” stile thickness x 2″ or 1 5/8″ stile width. The best of both worlds. We also offer a 1 ¼” Colonial louver with a 1 1/8” thick stile x 2″ or 1 5/8” stile width. The use of thinner 1 5/8″ stile width cuts down on the amount of frame in the glass where the panels meet together. Cleveland Shutters offers many options, totally custom-made and at the best prices!

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