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Custom Shapes / Unique Architecture

heritance front tiltbar unique arch shutter

We have never met a window we couldn’t handle. Sunburst Shutters can build your shutters in any size or shape. Arch, Octagon, Circle, Radius Top-you name it, we’ve already done it. All shutters are custom designed to accommodate a large variety of arches and angles to preserve the unique shape and architecture of your window. Giving you one of the most stunning window treatments around.


sunburst window shutter arch

Each blade turns separately and pop-out for cleaning. A fantastic solution that keeps the architectural look of the window while giving you control over light, temperature, sound and privacy. Available on both perfect and non-perfect half circles, eyebrow arches and triangles.



arched living room window shutters

Combining the functionality of a classic rectangle shutter while curving to the exact shape of your window, This beautiful treatment allows you to operate all the louvers from bottom to top or separately with a divider-rail.


the rake window shutterkelly's island rake window shutterspalmbeach palmetto window shutters

The perfect solutions bringing a sophisticated look and desired function to these unique shapes.



circle shaped bathroom window shutters

octagon shaped window shutters

polywood octagonal shaped window shutters
diamond shaped window shutters
What can we say these are truly awesome!
Available in horizontal or fan-style adjustable louvers.

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