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Sliding Glass Doors?

Sliding Glass Doors?

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Can Shutters Be Installed Over My Sliding Glass Door?

Time after time, as I am sitting in front of the sliding glass doors off the kitchen giving a quote for the entire house for shutters, I ask “Did you want me to quote you for the slider too?”.

The usual response from the homeowner is “I would… but you can’t put shutters on a sliding door can you?”

Well of course you can! This is one of our best sellers.


The panels slide back and forth just like the door and this treatment is a fantastic solution for that door.

We simply install a track system on the top of your existing trim around the door or to the ceiling like this example of a high-rise condominium.

No track on the bottom unless it is requested. A track can add a tripping hazard and block air vents that are normally mounted in front of the slider.

The panels are a rigid construction that will not easily sway in the wind. A panel guide bracket can be installed on the bottom to assist when sliding the treatment back and forth.







Notice: As you slide the panels over you must close the louvers so the panels can pass on another without hitting. There is a way to allow the louvers to stay open when bi-passing however, this may result in a loss of privacy on the sides of the treatment due to the product having to be built out into the room far enough for the panels to clear one another.

Ideal Solution- If you have the room, we can install an extended track the will allow the panels to slide off the opening completely. Sometimes our customers have placed a piece of furniture, like an armoire, in front of the extended track to hide the panels. Many also have made good use of the track header as a decorative shelf.


sliding glass door shutter


If you desire a more open look and you don’t want the panels to block part of the opening,  Bi-Fold Panels over the Slider are a great alternative.


The Panels are normally installed without a track on the bottom and can be heavy and slightly cumbersome due to inherent weight issues of having two panels supported by one set of hinges.

A bottom track system is available upon request.







The Benefit is the ability to fold the panels all the way  back to give a unobstructed view to the outside.

You can choose Bi-Pass or Bi-Fold systems for any product in our entire shutter collection.

Either way, shutters are great solution for any size sliding glass door system.

Clean lines and a innovative design that brings sophistication and function to your home.

Treat your sliding glass door right and have us come out today for a free in-home consultation.

You will love how great your doors will look with Cleveland Shutters.





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