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The PolyWood Shutter qualifies for the 2013 Federal Energy Tax Credit.

The PolyWood Shutter qualifies for the 2013 Federal Energy Tax Credit.

The 2013 Federal Energy Tax Credit is Back!

Polywood Shutters Energy Tax Credit

The Energy Tax credit was created to motivate homeowners to purchase energy efficient products for their home. Which of course will help the environment, as well as lower your heating and cooling costs, and conserve energy for our future.

The 2013 credit is 10%  up to $500 ! 

Windows are a main source of temperature loss in a home.

At Sunburst Shutters we are proud to offer the most energy efficient window treatment that qualifies once again for the Federal Energy Tax Credit. The PolyWood Shutter, available exclusively through Premier Sunburst Shutters dealers like Sunburst Shutters, has been the only shutter to qualify for the tax credit since President Obama first started the credit in 2009.

Now, I know what you are thinking. You have checked the list and NO window treatments count towards the Tax Credit. That is true, however, the PolyWood Shutter is not listed under a window treatment. It is listed under an INSULATING SYSTEM.


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PolyWood Shutters in MasterBed

Thats exactly what it does! It insulates tremendously. Only the PolyWood Shutter with its unique solid polymer construction stops the transfer of heat or cold coming into your house through your windows or doors.

PolyWood is an Eligible Building Envelope Component and meets the requirements for the Non-business Energy Credit under section 25C of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. It is designed to reduce heat loss or gain in a house and it does it very well.

Most customers don’t believe me at first, but after having the PolyWood Shutter installed in their home for awhile, they call me and exclaim how incredible at keeping the cold out in the winter and the heat in or visa-versa . Check out these testimonies;

 ” I open up the louvers and cold air bursts out! It really holds it all back from coming in the room!”

Jacki – Middleburg Heights, Ohio

 “I used to put the plastic on my windows every winter…not anymore thanks to my new PolyWood Shutters!”

 Robert – Seville, Ohio

Air flow

Only the PolyWood Shutter offers a unique flange on the side of the stile that blocks the air flow.

z-frame weatherstripA very special Z-Frame mount that has a built in weather stripping that blocks more air-flow. Our professional installers will also caulk around the edges of the framing to help create an air-tight seal around the opening.

PolyWood Thermal Testing has proven its ability to maintain the temperature in the room better then any other shutter on the market.

Check out these pics below showing a Thermography scan.

Thermal scan 1 Thermal scan 2

You can clearly see that with an uncovered window blasted with the hot sun and reading 120 degrees, by simply closing the PolyWood Shutter panels it dropped the temperature down 30 degrees.

I find this to be the case when I am installing during the summer time. The room could be cooking all day, and by just setting the shutter against the window, even before I start installing …just resting it against the glass, the temperature of the room changes drastically.

Imagine how the PolyWood Shutter would save you money on your heating and cooling bills! Your furnace or air-conditioner will run less often and that is money back into your pocket. Not to mention the Federal Energy Tax Credit.

Spending around $1700 on your new shutters you would be eligible to receive the full $500 bucks back. That’s an incredible savings just buying something you already wanted because you loved the look.

Now you can also love the savings!

Of course we are not tax guys, and we strongly suggest checking first and foremost with your tax-preparation professional to see if you can take advantage of this very beneficial Federal Energy Tax Credit.

Click here For more information about the PolyWood Shutter Insulating System and how it qualifies.

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