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Yes, this is very common in our area and is not a problem at all. There are two main ways to accomplish this.


The first application is to use a decorative shutter frame that mounts either on top of your existing trim or drywall. Since the frame is on the outside of the opening, the window will be allowed to pass the open shutter panels without hitting the back of the shutter frame itself.

I know what you are thinking… “I just had this trim installed, I don’t want to cover my beautiful molding” Don’t worry we don’t have to completely cover the trim. The shutter frame can mount to a specific point that highlights and adds beauty to what you already have, like crown molding adds dimension and beauty to a ceiling.


At that point it looks like the shutter is sitting inside this gorgeous ornate molding that your friends and family will surely ask, “where did you find this awesome trim work?”.

The Outside Mount Decorative Frame makes tilting-in sooooo easy.

Outside-mount frame on drywallIMG_1395



If you are interested in an inside-mount application, the second method is to forgo using a shutter frame and only use the hinge of the shutter applied directly to the window jamb. The shutter will open 180 degrees back to the wall if the hinge is extended out enough to allow the window to be tilted-in.

This is a classic way to install shutters. Back in the day, that’s all you would see and if light gaps don’t bother you it can be one of the best looks for a shutter installation.

direct mount window shutterCaution: We always recommend using a frame when installing shutters either on the inside or outside of the window to give a more finished look. Direct-mounted panels without the advantage of a frame will show uneven light gaps around the shutters due to the inherent tendencies of the windows being out-of-square.

There are many other options for installing these fantastic shutters. Countless types of L-frames, decorative Z-frames, hang strips, and extended or non-mortise hinges. Also, many hinge styles and color options are available. We are very custom in what we do and will find the best solution for your windows and doors.

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I hear this question quite often in this area. Many homeowners are concerned about blocking too much light or view. It’s true, a half shutter will give you privacy on the bottom and leave the top open for light and view, but is it the right look for a Big Plantation Shutter?

The “café” or half shutter look works well for the small intricate doors of a colonial 1 ¼” louver, however the large construction of a Plantation Shutter can look funny or incomplete when it’s stopped half way or at a specific point on the window.


An alternative option is a Divider-Rail. “The best of both worlds” many customers have told me.It gives you a full complete look on the window but the ability to close the bottom louvers for privacy and the top for light. At night you can close the top louvers for privacy and security or during the day when the sun is coming in at just the right angle to prevent you from watching the T.V. or spending time with your family.Also, with the large open louvers of a Plantation Shutter you will not loose any light or view. A 3 ½” or 4 ½” louver will almost disappear when opened flat and give you plenty of space to look through.


We will build your shutters however you like. This is your house, not mine, you tell me what you want and I will make it happen. With that being said. I feel the need to give all the facts and let you make an educated decision to prevent any buyers’ remorse.


I have seen a few people make the wrong choice in the past and had a couple homeowners cry on my shoulder saying, “ I should have listened to you Nate it does look funny. That’s all; I just don’t want your shutters looking like a mistake or like you got a deal on them. Make sure this is what you really want before you order. In the right setting , the right louver size, and mount it can be the perfect solution


Keep in mind that in our area windows have little depth for inside-mount and tilt-in cleaning. So therefore, we are mounting on the trim or drywall all day long and if you are only going halfway up the window then the frame will abruptly stop and the panels will be away from the window sticking out.



The look and concept of the Plantation shutter is to be the only thing on your window. Clean lines and sophistication, making it an all-in-one package like a piece of furniture on your window. A blind or shade may have to be dressed up with drapery side panels but a Plantation Shutter looks great all by itself.

Let me come us come out today and show you all your options. Call us at (440) 234-7600 or toll free at (866) 363-3778 or fill out the contact info for a free in-home consultation.

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